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Thanksgiving is such a great time to see family and friends and have an amazing meal with these people. It’s also not a great time to see bugs and other pests around your home or wherever you may be staying.

But there are ways to keep pests away from your holiday festivities! Here are a few of our Thanksgiving specific ways to prevent bugs from taking over your Thanksgiving dinner!

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Don’t let pests think this is their food!

  • Keep All Food Stored Securely

Once you have all the food for your feast, be sure to store it securely in the kitchen, fridge, and pantry. Bugs and rodents can get into cardboard and wrappers by chewing through. Use containers that can fully seal to keep pantry pests out of the food, especially if you have bought the items in advance.

Another option is to put boxed or bagged items in the freezer and fridge. Since insects and rodents don’t like the cold temperatures, your food is much less likely to go missing if they’re inside your refrigerator.

  • Clean Your Kitchen!

This one may be a no-brainer, but keeping your kitchen clean is a great defense against bugs. Make sure to give your kitchen a thorough cleaning and then follow-up by continuing to keep it clean. Any crumbs or food spills will need to be cleaned up right away so that no leftovers are left for pests.

Put away items that you use when you’re cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner as soon as you’re finished using them, and try to keep the dirty dishes to a minimum. Roaches are the main pests that like to come out and get into your food, but keeping your kitchen clean will prevent¬†bugs from finding a good reason to stay in your home for the holidays.

  • Get Rid Of Food Trash!

If you’re cooking a lot of food, you’re probably going to have at least some leftovers. Any leftovers that you decide to keep will want to be stored in the fridge, freezer, or in airtight containers in the pantry or other parts of your kitchen.

To prevent pests from getting at any leftovers that you decide to throw away, be sure to put all trash bags inside a trashcan that can close. If there are perishable foods in your trash, try to get them outside as soon as possible to prevent pests from finding the food inside your home. As for trash that’s outside, seal the trashcan to keeps critters like raccoons and rodents from finding out that your house is the place to be.

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Traveling is stressful enough – so make sure no bed bugs travel with you!

  • Check Your Sleeping Arrangements

According to AAA, more than 46 million Americans plan to travel over 50 miles from home this holiday season. And, according to a survey by NPMA and the University of Kentucky in 2013, 75% of pest professionals treated for bed bugs in hotels. 21% treated for bed bugs on public transportation (such as trains, buses, and taxis), and 2% treated for bed bugs on planes.

If you’re staying away from home, remember that bed bugs are still a huge problem around the US. You can help with preventing these bugs from spreading by checking anywhere new that you plan to stay, whether it’s a relative’s guest room or hotel.

You can find our recommendations for looking for bed bugs in an article we posted here. We do have some hotel/travel specific tips for prevention as well!

  1. Pull back bed sheets and inspect the mattress for stains or bugs.
  2. Check behind the headboard, in the couches or chairs, and in the dressers.
  3. Place luggage in a plastic trash bag or protective cover during the trip to keep bed bugs out.
  4. If you see bed bugs – immediately inform management of the hotel and ask for a new room. Make sure the new room is directly adjacent, directly above, or directly below the original room.
  5. Upon returning home, inspect luggage BEFORE bringing it into your home and vacuum it before putting away.
  6. Wash and dry all clothes on the highest possible heat setting to kill any possible bed bugs to make sure none get into your closet.


We hope these help you and your family and friends have a pest-free holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving!

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