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Got mole hills in your yard?

You heard us right, yes it is your fault. I bet you didn’t even know it was your fault that you had mole hills. Before Mole hill problemyou get all defensive how about a quick minute of your time to educate you. It is your fault but you didn’t even know you were the cause of the problem. Don’t feel bad a few years ago I didn’t know I was causing the problem either, but I should have known. I mean I’m a smart guy or a smart aleck according to my wife at times. HA! Anyways after learning what I should have already know I realized even Google knew it was my fault. Ugh!


Why is that Mole Hill in your yard in Indiana your fault?

Mole Hills In YardIt’s simple but easily overlooked and you want to know who tipped me off? The guy who fertilizes my yard reminded me and I totally missed it. Every year I use the same local small lawn company here in Indianapolis to treat my yard. Yeah I live in one of those neighborhoods with an HOA like most of you that doesn’t allow dandelions. I must tell you I think I have the best yard company ever. They are reasonably priced and so nice to me. If you are looking for a good yard company I could give you a great recommendation. Anyways, each year he gives me the dates of the 4 times that year he is going to treat my yard and with what formula. He tells me what each one does for my yard to make it healthier and trust me they fixed a messed up yard from when I moved in. But the weird thing is every year he HIGHLY recommends this one extra treatment to control grubs. He always says to me don’t skimp and miss out on the grub treatment. You don’t want a bunch of grubs in your yard or you will have a torn up yard from moles and voles. I never think much about that comment and I just trust him. He’s the expert and has a proven track record with my yard.


Pest control calls for moles and voles in Hamilton County.

So fast forward to our pest control company getting all these calls from residents in Hamilton County with yards all torn up with mole hills in their yard. Clients want to know why they have all these mole hills in their yards and want us to remove the moles. We always educate them that the moles and voles are looking for food. Their food source is Gurbs. OOOOO!!! DING DING DING! It hit me like a light bulb or maybe a ton of bricks. No wonder my yard company pushes that grub treatment so much. He is trying to keep them out of my yard to keep me from dealing with moles and voles. He doesn’t want me having mole hills all over my yard. Why didn’t I think of that when he was mentioning that? Probably because I have three amazing daughters going “hey dad, hey dad, hey dad, hey dad.” Sorry it’s hard to think straight with 3 people calling your name. HA! Don’t believe me? Ask Google. I typed in “Moles eat…” First thing Google tried to fill in for me was “Moles eat Grubs.” Now I know you aren’t going to disagree with Google.

Mole Exterminator Indianapolis, IN


Mole Treatment and Mole hill treatment.

I won’t bore you with the types of treatment it takes to fix the mole infestation problem. But basically we have multiple bait options we can place inside the tunnels that should have your infestation removed with in a week or two. We come back out and check the situation to make sure it took care of your pest control problem. Sometimes we will take pictures to make sure the mapping hasn’t increased so we know we took care of it. So we can definitely take care of that Mole or Vole infestation, but friends let me recommend to you that in the summer you have a grub treatment on your yard to avoid this problem. It could save you a huge headache and then it won’t be YOUR FAULT. Call us today at 317-288-3315.


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