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With Christmas just around the corner, most of us here at Perseverance Pest Control have been getting our Christmas presents online. It definitely beats the hassle of going to store after store at Hamilton Towne Center in Noblesville or downtown Fishers shops after treating for pests all day! In fact, about 80% of American’s shop online, which brings a lot of extra boxes into your home.

We want you to be enjoying your holidays stress-free, which means that we also want to give you some helpful advice for keeping pests out of your home this Christmas season. And keeping an eye on your online orders is one of the new places where you could be bringing bugs into your home.

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Check your boxes and make sure you’re not bringing home anything extra like roaches or bed bugs!

Since cardboard comes from trees, the boxes from Amazon and other stores are a huge food source for bugs like roaches. If the facilities that are shipping your orders are not checking for bugs on their end, then it’s important to check them before bringing them into your home.

To make sure you aren’t getting more than what you purchased, look over the outside of the box for signs of bugs, particularly roaches. If the outside of the box looks clear, check the inside as soon as possible. Whether or not there are any live roaches or bugs around the box, be sure to look for egg sacs. For roaches, those are clear and usually in the corner of a box.

If you do see any roaches or signs of them, remove the box from your home as soon as possible as a temporary solution. Cleanliness is the key to keeping roaches uninterested in your home, so to make sure they aren’t leaving the package and coming back into your house, you will want to avoid leaving crumbs and other food out. Try to keep places where they could hide as minimal as possible, so keep floors picked up and clean.

If you do find that the bugs have made their way into your home, don’t hesitate to call us at 317-288-3315 for a free over the phone quote or to get a technician dispatched from our Fishers offices as soon as possible. Remember, for every roach that you see, there could be up to 8 roaches that you can’t see.

And from all of us here at Perseverance Pest Control, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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