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Do-it-yourself pest control

Spotted a bug in your home and you knew exactly what to do, didn’t you? If you were like me I showed my wife I was a “man” and the protector of the home. I drove over to the big box store, the Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, or another big name chain. It was always so easy because you just walk in and they practically keep all the pest sprays right up front by the door. There were so many options, how did I know which one was right? Well some had pictures of the bug I wanted to kill and others did not. Some had happy families in a garden on the label and others had guys wearing armor. Hmmm, what to do. I did what I knew was the best thing to do and that was to pick out one that had a picture of my bug and one that sounded scary. Something with a label that said defender or Maxx or crusher or soul crusher, right? I wanted the label to have a name that guaranteed me success. Then I would go home and spray inside the home along the baseboards where my wife would take the kids outside because of the awful smell. Then I would go outside and spray around the house and windows with the same spray. Do you think this spray that I used inside is just as effective outside? Yeah roll your eyes at me all you want, I see you.

What I learned was how these chemicals just hide the problems. I might not see them for a bit, but the pests weren’t taking chemicals back to their colony and killing off the colony. No this stuff I was spraying just kept them away for a bit till it wore off so they could come back out of hiding. It was very easy to know when it had worn off because I could hear my wife say, “I thought you just sprayed for these bugs.” What I needed was a professional pest control company to come inspect my home to find the exact problem and source. Then allowing the pest control company to use real chemicals to remove the source for good. I also quickly learned that there are indoor spiders and outdoor spiders. Ha! So here I am with my $28 spray thinking I’m killing both with it. I seriously have to think those spiders were giggling when I sprayed them with my “Maxx shield defender spray.” I think back to those times and how many bottles of $28 “Maxx death” I purchased to spray every couple months when I could have just had a quick treatment from a professional with actual chemicals.

Commercial Grade Pest Control Chemicals

Did you know that when a company creates a commercial-grade pest control product they will spend in upwards of $20 million up to $100 million in research, development, and testing? This is all before they undergo EPA testing or other agencies. Why? Doesn’t the stuff we have now work? Many of the insects that we treat for, actually they  can create a resistance to the chemicals. There is constant modifying that goes on to stay ahead of resistance. No wonder I kept having to spray with that stuff I bought at the local big box store. Unfortunately you have to have a 7a license to purchase commercial grade chemicals that pest control companies use. Leaving the local resident to purchase “maximum death crushing spray” at the hardware.

This is for good reason though. If you read an article from 2015 where a mother in Canada illegally-imported pesticide used for killing bed bugs. The baby in the home was exposed to the chemicals passing away and all 4 children ended up in the hospital. Trust me you do not want to take the risk of some of these powders into your own hands. Our pest control specialists here at Perseverance Pest Control go through high levels of training not just for eradicating bugs from your home, but handling chemicals properly.

Pest Control Safety

I am a hands on kind of guy who likes to work on his own cars or do my own yard work. But there are times I get to parts on the car when I say, “Yeah that looks dangerous I think I’ll leave that to a mechanic.” Friends I want to stress to you that pest control is one of those things that is probably best left to professionals. Keep yourself and your family safe by leaving chemical treatment to those who have taken hours of classes on how to apply and handle it correctly. We love serving you and we are running specials all the time, so call us at 317-288-3315 and ask about this month’s special. Stay safe friends.

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