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Mosquito treatment Indianapolis

This week is Mosquito Awareness Week! They really have a week for everything, don’t they?

Indiana weather can change in a heartbeat, and rain and warm weather can bring mosquitoes around your home and in your backyard. With the West Nile virus and other diseases that mosquitoes can bring. It’s important to keep yourself and your family safe not only during mosquito awareness week, but all summer long. Learning about mosquito awareness week is a great first step. So we have some tips and tricks to help you protect your home!

  • Since mosquitoes are mostly inactive in the morning, try to avoid being outside during the late afternoon and from dusk to dawn. Educating yourself on mosquito awareness week.mosquito treatment Indianapolis
  • If you have to be outside, though, wear an insect repellent containing DEET, Picaridin, Oil of lemon eucalyptus, IR3535 or 2-undecanone on your clothes and exposed skin.
  • High tech traps and citronella candles can sometimes work, but there’s a much more low tech way to keep them away. Mosquitoes find it hard to fly in almost any breeze, so you can avoid them by finding a windy spot or plugging in fans. Aiming your fan downward can keep them from approaching since they fly low to the ground to avoid wind.
  • We know it’s hot, but when you’re in places where mosquitoes are especially active (such as in wooded areas or near water), cover your skin with long sleeves, long pants, and a hat. Tightly woven fabric can also keep mosquitoes from reaching your skin, and light colors are less attractive to them.
  • To keep them out of your home, we recommend keeping an eye on your window screens and doors and repairing any holes. 
  • Mosquitoes will breed in standing water, such as lakes, ponds, or even water left in a container. So we recommend removing anything from your yard that could hold standing water (empty pots, cans, tires, etc). If pet bowls are outside, replace the water frequently.
  • Keep up with your landscaping – grass should be cut short and shrubbery trimmed!
  • Periodically flush fountains and birdbaths, and if you have ornamental pools aerate them or stock them with predatory fish.

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Mosquito awareness week is important to educate yourself. Sometimes your home needs a little extra help in order to keep mosquitoes away from you, especially if the weather’s been particularly warm, rainy, or humid. Perseverance Pest Control offers several different treatments and services for mosquitoes and ticks. To start protecting your family today, give us a call at 317-288-3315 and we’ll get you scheduled right away.

Mosquito Awareness Week