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Where Are the Bugs In Your Home?

Nobody likes to think that there might be bugs in their home. But if your home is comfortable for you and your family, then it’s definitely going to be comfortable for other creatures. And since all homes have access to the outdoors in some way, many of them can unfortunately find themselves inside your home.

Pests like bed bugs, termites, and fleas are rarer to find in your home. But several harmless pests can be found in most houses, such as flies, ladybugs, silverfish, or spiders. In fact, researches found more than 10,000 bugs (both living and dead) between 50 different houses in Raleigh, North Carolina. The most common families of pests that the researches collected included carpet beetles, cobweb spiders, gnats, ants and gall midges.

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Even clean living rooms like this could be harboring tens or hundreds of bugs. If you see any call us at 317-288-3315!

The most common places that the bugs were found were on carpeted, ground floor living rooms with access to the outdoors, such as having lots of windows or doors. While there are a lot of different thoughts for why insects would like to hang out in your living room with you, the popular theory is that, the more windows and doors that lead to the outside, the more diverse amounts of bugs can be let into your home. And pests seem to like to hang out with each other, because the more diverse the insects in the home are, the more bugs there actually are.

Why they like carpet is harder to explain, but a lot of researchers think it could be because other insects get stuck and die inside the carpet, which can lead to other insects swarming around the dead pests.

Most importantly – the behavior of the people in the home didn’t affect how diverse all the insects are. It didn’t matter if the families were messy or tidy, or if they had any type of pet, or even if they used pesticides.

Knowing that bugs can come inside your home regardless, it’s important to keep an eye out for pests – especially around your living room and other ground floor, carpeted areas with lots of access to the outside. Those smaller, harmless pests could bring in bigger, harmful bugs if they’re allowed to stay in your home for too long.

By being prepared and knowing where in your home to look for bugs, you can keep your home free of the particularly bothersome pests. And if you do see anything around your home, please don’t hesitate to call Perseverance Pest Control at (317) 288-3315 for your free quote over the phone today!

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