LOVE this company!!! Timely and very well trained. I would expect the prices to be higher but they are reasonable for the time and effort they put into inspections and treatment.

Glenn, O. - Via Yelp Review

I really appreciate my technician and how he educated me on a pest I never had heard of … Voles. They were tearing up my yard and he knew exactly what to do and was diligent in coming back and making sure they were taken care of. Very professional, thorough, and I’m more educated about some of these pests that I was before.

Fred Meadows - Via Facebook Review

Great customer service and great people. Highly recommend!

Jason Whitfield - Via Facebook Review

My name is Brian Cable, I live in Noblesville with my beautiful wife Molly who is a veterinarian, and 3 lovely daughters. I started Perseverance Pest Control because I believe one of, if not THE most important characteristic in life is Perseverance.

Let me explain why. When I was 3 years old I was injured in an automobile accident. After being hit head-on in the car I was riding in I was left with a spinal cord injury. When I think about the fact that I was paralyzed for 3 months in the hospital, I realize just how blessed I am to be able to walk with a limp and a cane today.

Brian Cable Owner Perseverance Pest Control

Brian Cable Owner Perseverance Pest Control

I was only 3 at the time–and although I don’t remember everything–the
physical rehab was grueling to say the least. The doctors and nurses
would push me over, and then throw my cane 20 feet away. Why?
Because that could be a scenario in real life. As a little kid, or even
as an adult what happens if I somehow lose my cane? They had
to prepare me for that situation. Even today I walk with a limp…but
don’t feel sorry for me! My kids don’t!! Pile on Dad is still their favorite game.

What did I have to do?

I had to crawl over and pick up my walker. Learning to walk again
taught me the importance of perseverance. I remind myself everyday
that I can do anything since I learned to walk twice in my life.

In my company we believe Perseverance is so important we’re
willing to guarantee our work. Of course, the client has
to cooperate as we can’t do miracles, but our motto is
“We Keep Working!” What do we keep working for?

You. Our clients. To get better each and every day. To do the right thing for the clients no matter what. We take a long-term approach and want to earn your business for life.

While we’re not perfect, we strive to have open communication with our clients. We believe that for every bad customer experience at least 10 people will find out. It’s up to us to make sure you are happy.

Brian Cable Owner PPC Indy

Brian and Molly with their daughters Augusta, Madison and Adelyn

Finally, just a little bit more about me. I’m a family first kind of guy, I drop off and pick up my kids from school everyday. It is important to me that my face is the first thing they see when they leave the stress of school. I love seeing their face and  watching them shed the stress from school in the car ride home. Welcoming them back home to the safety of family is important to me. I love to golf, I’m a car guy and enjoy working on my old firebird. My wife is a veterinarian and photographer doing part-time photoshoots. We have 2 dogs named Pretzel and Maserati. Why Maserati? Well, I needed to be able to tell people that I was going to go home to wash my Maserati! Ha!


If you want to check out my wife’s work click here. She LOVES photography (and animals).

I’m a lifelong Hoosier and live in Indiana. You’ll find me watching Hoosier Basketball, grilling out, working on my car, or helping my wife and our 3 little girls. I also love baseball and attend Indianapolis Indians games on a regular basis.

At Perseverance Pest Control our mission is to ensure that you are happy so you spread the word. Today’s economy is rough and competition is cut-throat. We’re here to earn your business, and the only way we know to do that is to partner with you and focus on doing the right thing with Perseverance. Remember, We Keep Working…For You!

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