Indianapolis ranks in the bed bug list

Once again the wonderful city of Indianapolis stays in the top 20 bed bug cities in America. With each year passing the city of Indy creeps closer to getting into the top 10 bed bug cities. Previous years being ranked #13, #12, and rumor is this year reaching #11. Sure the larger the city the higher the bed bug infestations because more people, right? Sure that makes since when you see cities like Philadelphia being at the top or Chicago in the top 5 and New York City ranking #8. But what has experts concerned about Indianapolis bed bug issue is that the number of bed bug infestations for a city the size of Indianapolis was extremely high. There are many things that factor into this and you can read about that in some of our other posts about this ranking for the Capital city of Indiana.

Bed bug infestations at Christmas

Trust us when we say that an infestation is one of the last things you want to experience. So why is Christmas a concern in central Indiana? How do you keep your home safe from bed bugs? When you buy gifts for your family or friends, so you feel safe. Do you know the condition of the stock room, the shipping warehouse, or the stock person? Many stores use pest control especially if they have seen bugs before, but stores can’t control the environment their employees come from. Bed bugs are not transferred by wind or one foot, they need a host to transport them. Many times they ride on someones bag, purse, sweater, jacket, etc. The store employees are the ones folding clothes, stocking shelves, and helping you. There are also times we are contacted to treat warehouses for many different types of pest control issues, so it is impossible to know if you item was stored somewhere safe.

Bugs in Christmas present Fishers-IN

We recommend checking each item you purchased very carefully when bringing them into your home. This can save you lots of time, money, and a big headache. The other thing to consider is gifts received. Know that the person buying you a gift may not have done the inspecting you would have done as well as the chances they may have bed bugs in their home.

Facebook Marketplace

We all know that Facebook marketplace is a great place to score some gently used items for a great price. When bringing used or other people items into your home we recommend keeping it outside your home while you inspect the items. Leaving them in the garage for 24 hours and giving them a thorough inspection more than once can be a life saver this Christmas. If you have any concerns regarding what to look for or need another set of eyes to inspect, call our expert team today. You can email us or call 317-288-3315.

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