In a recent article today from Independent in the UK they announced that Air India flights were grounded due to bed bug infestation allegedly. A number of business class passengers complained on a flight from Newark to Mumbai. This resulted in a temporary grounding of Mumbai-Newark route.

One mother stated that she saw a bug on her husband’s seat but didn’t think anything about it before they took off. Once in the air the bed bugs began to climb out of the air craft seat and adjacent seats. Her daughter began complaining of a rash midway through the flight.

Another man stated on twitter that his wife and kids were attached by bed bugs on the Air India plane. They were moved to economy with broken seats and tvs for the flights. He was unhappy with the accommodations for $10,000.

Unfortunately for most passengers that had an issue there will not be much help coming their way, possibly not even refunds for their bed bug flight. The company that is owned by the Indian government has been up for sale for while with no potential buyers. A new buyer would have to assume their large debt and keep 27,000 employees for a minimum of one year.

How to deal with bed bugs on an airplane

Just as a quick piece of advice. If you think you might be siting on an infested airline seat with bed bugs, first asked to be moved. I did see an article of a flight last year where the flight was full and no place to be moved. If that is the case know that any strong chemical will kill the adult bed bugs, it won’t help with killing eggs. But to get you through the flight to a safe location use bug spray, rubbing alcohol, perfume, or anything else they might have on the plane.


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