This time of year we get a lot of calls from clients who have a bee or hornet problem. Most residents from the Indianapolis area aren’t exactly sure what type of bee or hornet, but they know it is annoying. Let’s be honest we all have had or been to a friend’s home that had that small gray honeycombed nest up in the corner of an overhang wondering if that is a wasps nest. We don’t know if it’s new or old but we act cautious around it as we go past. If it’s one at our home we leave it for a while thinking “I’m going to get a broom and knock that down one day” not knowing if it is active or not. Which is what keeps us from doing it right then, we think we will wait till colder weather to knock it down but by then we are cold and forget because we aren’t outside as much.


How to remove a wasps nest or bald faced hornet nest


Most of us here in central Indiana deal with wasps nests more than we do a bald faced hornet nest. ¬†Sure the hornet is a little more scary, but an angry wasp can be dangerous and scary. Really neither is a pest you want to deal with if you aren’t experienced with them. In fact we require our pest control specialists to wear bee safety suits before removing a nest from your home. In most cases we are able to knock an unused wasps nest down without needing to use calming fog, but there are times when it is needed to keep things under control. A bald faced hornets nest is a little different as it will require removing the limp the nest is built onto or being cut off. The dangers require ladders, calming fog, and the nest being bagged. A hornets nest can be used over and over again creating yearly danger for your family if not removed or destroyed appropriately.


Don’t risk the danger on your own. Use a professional 317-288-3315.


We can’t advise you enough to avoid dealing with a wasps or hornets nest around Indianapolis. You do not even have to use us, we just want you to use someone that keeps you safe. One way to stay safe around a wasp or hornet nest is to avoid them. If you are just intrigued about them then check out this youtube video we watched called what’s inside.


What’s inside a wasps nest?


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