Recently in a Pennsylvania Walmart an employee found a pill bottles of bedbugs that had been released according to a New York Times article. According to this article an employee of Walmart found bed bugs crawling from a boys coat in the men’s changing room. Open pill bottles were left in a boys jacket that was for sale at Walmart on a Thursday according to authorities.

A manager at the store said the pill bottles and jacket were thrown away. An ecolab sent an employee to the store the next day on Friday. It was reported that the ecolab found multiple bed bugs crawling all around the men’s dressing room. On Saturday it was reported that another pill bottle was found on the floor of the men’s clothing department with some dead bedbugs. Police came out to the store to finger print the bottle. No other incidents were found regarding bedbugs. According to the police they feel it is a prank, if that is a prank that is a mean one.

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Clearly someone wanted people to take home clothes with bedbugs in them. Seems like an odd prank because what would the prankster get out of not seeing the results? What kind of person has access to so many bed bugs? I hope authorities are right and it is some person just pulling a prank on Walmart. But one has to wonder if it could be an untrustworthy pest company trying to send home bed bugs to houses so they could drum up more business. I sure hope that isn’t the case. Bed Bugs have been so hard to eradicate that it is a constant battle in our industry. Finding a bedbug exterminator in Indianapolis isn’t hard, there are tons. Finding a good one with a warranty is the key to solving the problem.

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