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If you are like me just looking at that picture of a bed bugs makes me start to itch. In a recent article from the Indianapolis Star they referenced a study done by another pest control company. Ranking Indianapolis the 11th highest bed bug city in the United States. Unfortunately this isn’t a new problem in Indy because they made the list the previous year ranked 14th on the list.

Why is Indianapolis having such a problem with bed bugs?

There honestly isn’t a solid answer to solve the problem. One reason the number is growing or inflated is because the city growth numbers are up. As the city grows in population the number of bed bug cases in Indianapolis are going to increase. Bed bugs are not a seasonal pest that die off during a specific season. They are able to reproduce very quickly and often. The other problem is the cost of treating for bed bugs is so high that people struggle to pay for it and some decide to attempt to live with it or treat on their own. This only increases the chances of transporting them to more people or other locations.

Getting rid of bed bugs in Indianapolis

The three most common places we deal with bed bugs are apartments, homes, and hotels. Recently we have seen an increase in treating for bed bugs in churches, schools, waiting rooms at hospitals or doctors offices. Once someone who has the pest attached to them or in their bag they can transport them anywhere. They can easily leave these travelers behind as they settle into furniture to wait.

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If you notice a rash on your body from laying in bed or sitting in furniture this may be a reaction to bed bugs. There are places here in Indianapolis that sell chemicals over the counter to treat for bed bugs. The only problem we are seeing as a local pest control company in Indianapolis is that we are seeing some resistance to stronger chemicals that we use. So the fear is that if the chemicals we purchase with our license is struggling then how well is the over the counter stuff working? We have begun to change up chemicals we use to try and throw the bed bugs off track.

Bed bug treatment in Indianapolis

Take heart that if you find bed bugs in your home or are bitten by them that you are not alone. This is becoming more and more common in Indianapolis. Yeah I know that isn’t comforting. Understand that we are hear to help you. Perseverance Pest Control offers a 110% money back guarantee if you the client follows the bed bug treatment steps that we have created. We stand behind all of our work no matter what type of pest or bug we are dealing with here in Indianapolis.

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