NYC Times Square  Bees swarm hot dog stand

At the corner of 42nd and 7th street was a New York City hot dog vendor. Very quickly hot dog sales went to a quick stop thanks to 20,000 angry New York bees. And in all honesty so did any business or productivity in downtown Times Square. Rueters even set up a live feed during the bee swarm and removal of them. For the first time in a while something drew a bigger crowd in Times Square than the Times Square performers. HA!


Every news station and newspaper covered the story. The Guardian covered the story so well as their own reporters were poked fun of by the bee keeper while he was removing the bees. The police department called in their official bee keeper who is a former NYPD officer. Andrew Coté, who is in charge of the Bee Keeper association for New York applauded his coworker, but joked that the bees just wanted a hot dog. His coworker used a specially adapted vacuum cleaner that stores the 20,000 bees in a container to be relocated elsewhere. Cote said that there were many bee hives in the area of those city blocks.

20,000 bee swarm NYC hot dog stand

Video from ABC News YouTube channel.


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