What do they look like?

Beetles come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors. For example, the June beetle (more commonly known as June bugs) and lady beetle have an oval/rounder shape. The click beetle is long and slender. Some beetles even have spider-like features. Overall, beetles are known to have large antennae and hard, shell-like front wings. However, these wings are not very good for flying around.


Why do I have Beetles?

There are many different types of beetles, and with that, many different types of enticement for beetles to come into the home or yard. Most often, species look for packaged foods and stored grains. Others  will feed on garden plants, fabric, or wood. These pests avoid cold weather, which often brings them indoors. Beetles enter through cracks in window frames, doors, and even in the house foundation. Beetles are attracted to the light inside homes or businesses.


Homeowners should be aware of products they are bringing into their home or business, to be sure they are not infested. Beetles like to hide in: potted plants, packages, furniture, firewood, and lumber. These beetles are categorized into 3 basic groups that require home treatment: fabric-infesting beetles, food product beetles, and wood-destroying beetles.


How do Beetles affect Me and My Home?


Beetles are a disturbance because of their destruction capacity This is done to both stored food and property, like furniture, decor, crops, clothes, and packaged goods.


How Do I Get Rid of Beetles?

Avoiding an accumulation of old fabrics and regularly cleaning out closets and crevices lessens the possibility of the infestation happening from a wood or fabric beetle. Vacuuming them or other physical means can be simple ways to eliminate part of a beetle infestation. Perseverance Pest Control can provide informed  advice on which type of beetle can be eliminated in this way.


If an infestation is found, Perseverance Pest Control can help. Perseverance is trained to eliminate beetle development and reproduction.


What Perseverance Pest Control Does

Perseverance Pest Control will conduct a thorough  inspection to identify the beetle and the nature of the inspection. This will be followed by a treatment specific to the problem. A pest control professional will execute the treatment methods to the source of the infestation in a timely manner.


Perseverance Pest Control will provide the right solution to keep beetles at bay — out of your home sphere and business!


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