Class Action Lawsuit Accuses LaCroix Contains Ingredients Used In Cockroach Insecticide

By now many of you have probably seen the article posted by CBS in Philadelphia that shared how there is a class action lawsuit being filed accusing that LaCroix uses ingredients from roach insecticide. If you haven’t read the article we recommend reading it where the person filing the claim points out the ingredients uses are Linalool, Linalyl propionate, and Limonene. In the lawsuit the person is accusing LaCroix of false advertisement because they claim to be all natural and not using synthetic chemicals.

According to Limonene is found in citrus fruit skins. On public chemicals government website Linalyl propionate is found in ginger and Lavender. Also Linalool is sited as being found in spices.


Natural and Organic Insecticide

Our discussion here is not to back LaCroix or the client suing them. That is up to you as a consumer to figure out on your own research, and no you can’t pour LaCroix water on the floor to keep roaches out. HA! What we would like to point out is that these items are used in some of our “chemical” sprays. Interesting enough is when we provide a list of ingredients that we are spraying in the homes or around the outside, customer are extremely shocked at how natural our treatments are. Some items in our treatments are to attract a pest here in Indianapolis to the bait, other times we might be using a natural organic ingredient that is known to repel specific bugs. A lot of clients get ideas stuck in there minds that we use things like DDT from the 80s (which is banned by the way) in there homes. But in today’s pest control treatments many of the items used are natural or organic pest control sprays. Our goal is to be as helpful to our client but we have a moral obligation to the environment and world we live in. We will do everything we can to avoid harmful chemicals when possible and still protect our clients in many different ways. At Perseverance Pest Control in Indianapolis, Indiana we want to protect you from bugs and chemicals when possible. So whatever happens in that LaCroix lawsuit we will probably forget about, but at PPC we will continue to use as many natural ingredients as we can and continue to do so.

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