Pest control sales at your door in Indianapolis

It has come to our attention that many homeowners are not aware of something those of us in the pest control industry are aware of. Sometimes you are in an industry so long and topics with your competitors come up, you begin to trick your brain that everyone knows about the topic. So once and for all we are going to state this big and bold and if you want more info how we know continue reading below.

Door to door pest control sales people do not work for pest control companies most of the time.

We have all been enjoying a nice summer evening in the yard with the kids, maybe some afternoon coffee inside. DING DONG! The doorbell rings and a 20 some nicely dressed male or female is standing on your porch with an iPad. Good afternoon my name is “fill in the blank” I was just 3 houses down signing up your neighbor Leslie on our pest control program. We are offering a deal to her neighbors, since she is paying full price you can have it cheaper. blah, blah, blah….. right? I stand there on my porch knowing I have lost the next 10 minutes of my life or my youngest kid is probably soaping the floors in my kitchen as a giant slip n’ slide while junior here tells me I won the lottery of pest control deals. From his sales pitch I learn they are going to knock down webs, spray a 15 foot perimeter that is like an electric fence for bugs who will just keep on down the street. In all honesty I just want that perimeter spray for sales people so they keep on down the street.

Let me give you insider info from a pest control company here locally in Indianapolis. We get an opportunity every April and May to hire college kids with sales majors in college. They come home looking for jobs and want to put some of the education they have learned to test out. So pest control companies give them some sales training to point out concerns most homeowners have. They tell them the price and then how low they can go to get the sale. Basically they want as many clients on the same street so they have less expense to travel around. Gas prices and time kill pest control profits. Most of the time they can’t even guarantee the price they sell you and you as the homeowner wonder why the treatment cost went up.

Pest control sales lack chemical education

The biggest scare is that most of these college kids have no chemical training and they dangers of the products used. They will tell the client “oh yes this is safe for kids or pets” without actually knowing. There are chemicals used that are safe, but many of them require pets or kids to be out of the home for a couple hours. Trained pest control specialists can actually show you the chemical label and warnings. Many of you probably read the article in Komo news about the lady who’s cats almost died because the sale kid said it was safe and it wasn’t. Then the company only offered her $100 towards her vet bill. Basically giving her the treatment cost of the pest control spray back.

Now let me be very clear there are a few companies that do actually have trained sale guys on routes. But if you haven’t seen there logo all over town it is probably a new pop up company using college kids home for the summer.  The part that make me sad is for the kids that don’t go back to college because the money was so good. Pest control sales are easy in the summer when bugs are more active. So fall rolls around and school is back in session, there is always that one sale person knocking on my door in October looking desperate. He badly needs a sale and can’t get anyone to sign up. You can see it in his face because it was so easy just a couple months ago and he made a decision to not go back to school because they were going to make him the top sales guy (or their only sales guy).  Now his income is based solely on commission and he is about broke. But school has started already and he knows he made a bad decision. Man do I hurt for those kids who kind of got tricked.

So if you didn’t know, now you know. Avoid those situations of the door to door pest control sales. Read reviews online of pest control companies if you are in need of pest control service in Indianapolis. Find companies that have been around a bit. If you are like me and do not like what happens to these college kids you can even look or ask for companies that don’t use this type of sales.

I know most of our pest control blog posts are bug related or educational, but sometimes you get a post from the heart.  Enjoy the rest of the summer Indy!

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