Basic Identifiers:

Earwigs are funny looking creatures with two pincers jutting out from their abdomen. They are slender, with two pairs of wings. Earwigs range in varying sizes, from 5-25 mm in size. Though they may look a bit intimidating, they are not poisonous and do not spread disease.  Earwigs tend to cluster in large numbers, because they produce a pheromone that attracts others together. Some produce a foul liquid they use in their defense. They use their pincers in their defense too, or to rival another earwig.


More about Earwigs:

Depending on the species, they have varying habits. However, earwigs tend to like wet, cool, undisturbed areas to reside, like damp cracks.  Earwigs tend to feed on sprouts or decaying vegetation, and sometimes other insects. They can be bothersome garden pests under the right conditions. Earwigs are known for being fast moving, and can escape quickly if their hiding place is discovered. As nocturnal animals, they are sometimes hard to discover.


Why Do I Have Earwigs?

Earwigs are on the move when there is a change in weather. They will likely seek shelter in a home, or just happen to meander indoors through an open door or crack. Because they like cool and damp areas, they may enter a home during an especially dry period. Earwigs are attracted to light, and are known to gather around outdoor couch cushions.


How Do I Get Rid of the Earwigs?

Perseverance Pest Control is trained to help eradicate earwigs and similar pests that invade homes and businesses. Because  every home and yard is unique, the pest control professional at Perseverance will design a specific solution for your situation. Perseverance pest control can implement the right solution to keep earwigs, and other pests, in their place — out of your home!


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