Basic identifiers:

House flies are mostly iridescent and grey, and can be 4 to 7.5 mm long. On their body they have four black stripes on their thorax, and are covered in small hairs. Their eyes are extremely complex with thousands of individual lenses.

Why do I have House Flies?
As one of the most common insects on Earth, house flies are quite prevalent. Their homeostasis of feeding and breeding is in rotting food, garbage, and feces. Unclean food spaces, unsealed cracks in doors and other crevices around a house (like ripped window screens) can be an open door to a house fly infestation.

How do House Flies affect Me?
This creature is always unwelcome nuisance. But it can be more: house flies can carry various harmful diseases. Dangerous to both humans and your pets, house flies can spread unwanted bacteria, viruses, and fungi through contaminating food and water with these pathogens. Health problems can then develop. Poisoning, dysentery, and tuberculosis can occur with an infestation. Keeping up clean spaces within your home helps limit opportunities of a house fly infestation.

How Do I Get Rid of the House Flies?
House flies are a disturbance to daily life. But as they also spread pathogens, it is important to take steps to eliminate them. It involves more than a fly swatter, and is not an easy task. Perseverance Pest Control can help.

What Perseverance Pest Control Does
First, Perseverance Pest Control will start with identification, to be sure what type of fly caused the infestation. Spotting where the flies have been depositing their eggs is another important step of elimination, and is not always obvious. Cleaning this place and removing any larvae is crucial for the problem to not continue on. Perseverance Pest Control is trained to recognize these breeding sites during the inspection.

Next, your pest control professional will eliminate the adult house flies, and will have all of these tools available. He or she is trained to do this efficiently and completely.

Save time and energy, call Perseverance Pest Control today! Schedule a home inspection to get rid of your unwanted pests.

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