State officials were a little concerned when mosquitoes in western Michigan were found to be infected with a deadly virus known as EEE. With Michigan being a border neighbor to Indiana it was only a matter of time. In recent Indiana news channel 13 WTHR broke the news that mosquitoes were found to have the deadly virus in Elkhart County in  Indiana.

Deadly mosquito virus in Indiana

The deadly EEE virus known as, eastern equine encephalitis, hasn’t had any humans infected yet this year. In Michigan there is a reported fatal case. It is possibly too early to know the full effect this could have on residents of central Indiana, but officials are concerned. You can read more from WTHR on this EEE virus in their article here.

mosquito virus

Protection from mosquitos in Indiana

As a pest control company in Indiana that also does mosquito treatment we can advise you of a few ways to protect your family.

  • Planting lemon grass around outdoor entertainment areas
  • Use quality mosquito repellent when being outside during mosquito times
  • Keeping windows and doors closed
  • Lawns and landscaping should be well manicured
  • Wear long pants as well as long sleeve shirts during bug times
  • Try avoid standing water around your home
  • Use a pest control company to fog your yard with mosquito treatment

Many of our pest control clients in central Indiana use our mosquito treatment through out the summer. If you would like the extra peace of mind and protection for your family. Contact us about our special pricing as we protect Indiana.


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