Winter Rodents Can Be a Pest in Indianapolis

The winter of 2017-2018 has been more normal for residents of Indiana. In previous years we have seen warmer than normal temps leaving some residents happy. Ha! As I used my snowblower for the third time this year I realized that I haven’t used it in the past two previous winters. I’m not going to lie I enjoyed the warmer temps during the winters, as a golfer I even found myself on a 50 degree January day chasing a white ball.

Those previous warmer temps kept pest control companies busy all winter long with all types of pests. Ants and spiders were not going dormant during winters with 50 degree weeks. Our phones continued to ring for residents of the Indianapolis area requesting ant treatments or spider treatments. But this year has been what we call “different” or more the norm for Marion county or Hamilton county, Indiana. Many residents think pests die off in the winter, but they actually just go dormant in cold temps. There are a few pests that just never quit though.

Moles or Voles Treatments in Indianapolis, Indiana

One pest that never quits in our midwest cities is the mole or vole. Most people can’t tell the difference so they just call our pest control company and ask for Mole Treatment. We understand with our experience that we just need to send out one of our pest control specialist to determine which bait to use based on which rodent we are treating. In simple if you were to actually see the pest you are wanting to have an exterminator take care of you might see one simple difference. Moles seem to have eyes and voles do not. Either way they are both destroying your yard. In the Indy area you will notice yards or areas along the road where the grass seems to have dirt turned over. Most of us think it’s piles left from a snowplow or leave piles. If you were to go investigate you would see the ground humped up leading to that pile where the rodent has made a tunnel. Most phone calls we receive about these pests are from residents who have already tried over the counter treatments and need professional treatment. In our experience most stuff residents can buy does not work and could be harmful to pets, children, and the environment. Play it safe and let us protect you and the environment.

Mice Treatment in Marion County

Rodents such as mice never take a break even during colder temps as they try to find a warm home. Most residents know they can set up a snap trap to catch a mouse, but is that the most effective treatment? Honestly it might work one at a time, but if you want to solve the problem once and for all you need a professional. With multiple bait stations that can be monitored and professional inspection for entry points you can’t go wrong with a professional pest control treatment.

Cockroach Treatment in Indy

Roaches never go on break as they just move from one food source to the next. With German Roaches you are talking about a problem that will not quit without professional assistance. Food and trash will never go away so learning to keep the area clean and picked up will help, but may not resolve the issue. Leaving a pheromone trail for other roaches to follow can cause an invisible problem you are completely unaware of. In many situations we can exterminate the roaches in one treatment, but some need constant monitoring by a professional pest control in Indianapolis.

Bed Bug Outbreak in Indianapolis, Indiana

If you watch the news at all you have seen the outbreaks in schools with Bed Bugs. We receive tons of calls about Bed Bug treatments and how to get rid of bed bugs. Winter can be the worst time for bed bugs because we are all wearing more layers of clothes to transport them by. With coats, jackets, purses, backpacks, scarves, etc there are tons of ways to bring home a bed bug from public places. There is nothing over the counter that can kill bed bugs and it will unfortunately require two treatments to remove them from your home. If for any reason you feel that you have bites or a rash when you get up from bed call a pest control company like Perseverance Pest Control for an inspection. Our highly trained specialist can come to your home to inspect all the areas of your bed to make sure you do not have bed bugs. We will give you a free report on what was found as well as a checklist on items to be done to have the highest success rate for treatment.

We here at Perseverance Pest Control want to protect your family in the Indianapolis area! If we can help you by just educating you on what to look for or how to protect yourself then we have done our job correctly. It has been our honor to work with so many of you that are on our yearly protection plan where we protect you all year long. We are looking forward to another great year of continued partnership in 2018.

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