How do you avoid bugs or mice in the fall?

We get tons of calls when fall hits with homeowners wanting to know why they have spiders all the sudden. There are so many things we could tell you on why and weather patterns. Basically we could put you to sleep explaining why you are seeing spiders now at your home. For the sake of time let’s make it simple. Spiders here in Indianapolis and central Indiana are looking to find protection from fall or winter. Some will come inside and others will set up webs in places outside your home, usually where you don’t want the web. It is funny when we send a pest control specialist out to a customer’s home who has “new” spiders. The specialist will show the client all kinds of spider webs or egg baskets that have been all around their home during the summer. Let’s face it we are all busy having fun in the summer here in central Indiana to mess with looking for spiders or cleaning the exterior of our home. Who has time to look for spiders, right?

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So what is the best way to protect against spiders?

First off we recommend clients clean the exterior of their home. Maybe that is power washing it or spraying it down with a garden hose. If you have a duster on a pole we recommend knocking down any spider webs or bug debris on side of your home. This should be done before having a pest control company come out to spray or before you spray for bugs at your home. The reason is to avoid water diluting the chemicals to give them longer life expectancy.

Second is to spray around any door openings, cracks, windows, etc. Then the thing people miss the mosts is to spray the foundation of the home. The thing that most homeowners can’t do that a quality pest control company can do is use a “power sprayer.” This is a machine that has an engine to power the chemicals. This piece of equipment cost thousands of dollars and fits in the back of a truck bed with a massive hose. The pest control technician can walk around the exterior of your home treating around the house 5-15 feet out in mulch beds, landscaping, or grass. With this pressurized system they can soak the soil or landscaping enough to create a barrier around your home.

The treatment can be done at a one time treatment if you do not want to attempt to treat your home with over the counter chemicals. But many clients sign up for yearly treatment plans we call protection plans in the pest control world. Here in Indianapolis and Hamilton County we treat 4 times a year as the season changes with our protection plan. This allows us to change our treatment plan and tailor it to the bugs of that season. The nice thing about this is our specialist will knock down spider webs and keep the exterior protected to avoid spiders when fall comes.

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How to keep mice out of your home

Mice are in your home because of one reason, they found an entrance. Sounds easy, right? HA! I wish, man those little rodent boogers can find the tiniest of openings and squeeze in. Most people are not aware of how small a hole they can get through. If you are able to find the spot the mice are entering your home through you can plug it with steel wool or wire mesh.  This may stop the problem for a bit, but many residents in Indy are not aware of the things they do outside their home that increase the mice population. Most residents have wood piles or other items stacked around the exterior of their home. Grills, storage boxes, toys, wood piles, trash, landscape blocks, sand bags, blocks, flower pots, etc. These are all items that provide shelter for mice or rodents until they can get into your home.

These crazy rodents in central Indiana will even climb in around water pipes. Who thinks to look at the gap around their water pipes under their sinks? This can be tough for residents to figure out how mice are getting in their home. One thing about contacting a professional pest control company is that the trained technician understands what kind of signs to look for or trails of mice or rodent activity. Some neighborhoods are just more prone to rodent activity. We even have clients who sign up for yearly protection plans for mice or rodents so we come out and check bait or traps regularly for them.


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If you have questions or concerns and just need to talk to someone with experience, call us today. We can even send out a specialists to look at your concern and give you advice. Maybe one of these pests just terrify you and you want to be protected all year, we would be happy to set you up on a protection plan. Leave that exterior to us so you can enjoy fall like you enjoyed summer.

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