Rodents such as mice have been hiding in cars and trucks.

In a recent article from the National Pest Management Association they warned vehicle owners of the threats in winter to their vehicles from rodents. Let’s be honest when it comes to winter and cold weather this seems to be the time when we always experience car trouble. Most of us immediately thought of bitter cold temps and our car not starting in the driveway in the morning, right?

When reading this article from the NPMA recently I remembered my days working in the Automotive Collision Industry. We would get cars in the shop all the time not working that had the weirdest problems. Some of those problems always lead back to rodents. Many times we would have clients come in saying their heat in the car wasn’t working. After taking apart the air box under the dash we would find a mouse nest in the blower motor. Some clients would come in with a short in the electrical system where we would find chewed through wires.

Remember there are many port holes through your dash or firewall from the engine bay to the interior of your car. These mice and other pests will start by trying to stay warm in the engine bay but eventually try one of the access holes into the interior of your car.

How to keep pests from inside your car

Be aware! When you walk up to your car look for insulation or wiring insulation laying around or under your car. This is a clear sign of something chewing on wires. Look for rodent droppings in or around your car. If you see unexpected scratches on the interior or chewing on your interior this is a sign of activity. Keep your car as clean as possible from debris in your car such as food bags, crumbs, tissue, etc. Do not leave food or materials they can build a nest with. If you feel something is different with the way your car is acting such as heating see a mechanic for inspection. Parking your vehicle in rural areas, near sewer vents, near large dumpsters, or unattended for long periods of time will increase your chances.

Another quick reminder about winter dangers and starting your car. Remember that a warm engine during cold weather will attract cats. Some will hide under your exhaust for the heat, others will actually sit on the motor to stay warm. It is a good idea to make as much noise before starting your car such as slamming doors. This can keep from an unfortunate incident.

If you have any questions at all or need treatment feel free to contact one of our pest control specialist.

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