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If you are like my family you just finished a wonderful few days off with family and friends. Most likely gathered around some wonderful food with recipes that date back a generation or two. As much as I look forward to over eating the delicious food that covers our table and overflows to our counters. I honestly get the most excited to see family, friends, and loved ones. I can’t wait to hear the stories shared around the table or in the living room after the meal. Our family is quite comical so I know I am in for a few good laughs.

This year was no different as my mom joked about how we would have mice because of all the crumbs landing on the floor. My mind was immediately sent back to a Christmas break when I came home from college to see my parents for a few weeks. My parents lived in a nice brick ranch style home in a new neighborhood in Anderson, Indiana. It was a neighborhood being developed in what used to be a farm field. The first half of the neighborhood had been built for a few years before the developer decided to finish the second half of the neighborhood. As the second half began to have homes popping up on the streets my parents began to have a problem. They began to get mice in their home. As a young college kid I thought “how is this possible on a new brick home?” I guess in my mind brick was like the fortress that couldn’t be penetrated.

I remember that first night home how exhausted I was, let’s be honest college kids do not sleep, and how excited I was to be away from my dorm in the comfort of a nice home. My dad mentioned that they had set a couple traps because they were getting mice. As night time came my mother said her goodnights and headed off to bed. My dad and I being night-owls stayed up to chat about school and sports. We began to hear snaps going off like fireworks around the house. We would began to talk and hear “POP”, to which we would get up and take off running towards the sound. In about a 2-3 day period I think we caught 12 mice before discovering the issue.

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How to mouse proof your home in Indianapolis, Indiana

What we discovered was that they were getting into the crawl space through the vents outside and then slipping up through the gaps around the water pipes into the kitchen. Then there was a tiny gap beside the dishwasher and cabinet that allowed them into the interior. I know you are saying, “REALLY?!?!” at this point. Yeah so were we. But a quick fix was to try and get the outside vents closed as tight as possible. Then we stuffed steel wool around the gaps of the pipes and in the gap around the dishwasher. A quick 5 minute fix and that was the last of the rodent problems in my parents home. What we didn’t know at the time was that you can buy mesh that fits over the vents to the crawl space. That would have been an even better fix, but we didn’t know at the time.

So what can you do? Sure you aren’t an expert but being educated on my experience already has you thinking about your own home here in Hamilton County or Marion County or maybe Madison County. The biggest thing to do is look for any gaps that could be entry points. They should be sealed with mesh or steel wool. Look at all the pipes that enter your home outside and make sure they are caulked shut around the edges.

Pest control guarantees and protection in Indy

Did you know we can inspect your home to give you the best protection against rodents such as mice? One quick email or phone call to our team could save you from exhausting nights like I had. Of course you won’t have the story to share for decades, but I think I would have been good without that story in my life. HA! Seriously why not call our trained team to come out and inspect for entry points. I mean we do this for a living every day so leave the inspection to us. If our team finds any areas of concern we will point them out to you giving you the opportunity to fix them before the mice set up residence in your home. If you don’t want to fix it you can ask the experts on our team to fix it for you that day. Our pest control team here in Indianapolis has some great programs where we can guarantee you protection from mice and other rodents all year around, just ask! But because it is getting close to Christmas and I’m in the mood of giving as I sit here and listen to Christmas music. We are going to do something really special and offer you the Rodent Inspection for a discounted rated of $99. We will come out and inspect your exterior for entry points and advise your for $99. Something else we are going to offer this December is that if you just want to sign up for year round rodent protection we will do the inspection for FREE!! We offer 3 ways for you to get either of these sweet deals. You can email us, call us at 317-288-3315, or chat with one of our experts online. Tell one of our awesome team members you would like the $99 rodent inspection or the year round protection.


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