A recent study done by Virginia Tech was reported by WTHR news channel 13 this week. According to the report about 95 percent of the stink bug population was killed off due to the horrible weather we referred to as the polar vortex recently. The quick onset of the deep freeze had us experiencing things like “snow quakes” where the moisture in the ground freezes so quickly it make loud popping sounds from under the ground.

This extreme type of deep freezing weather so fast didn’t leave enough time for stink bugs to take refuge from the weather. Most of them have frozen and died off from the cold. This has local residents in Indiana very happy as the stink bug population was very high this year. As residents celebrate the decrease or extinction of stink bugs, but summer will not be bug free for Indianapolis residents.

Bugs like ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, and so on will not be affected like stink bugs. These pests are quicker at finding protection, great planners, and lay their plenty early enough. We can hope that we might see less pest this year because of the polar vortex, but most likely except for stink bugs it will be another buggy year.

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