Stink Bugs in Indianapolis

We’ve been getting a lot of calls recently about stink bugs here at our Perseverance Pest Control office, and they’re definitely becoming a problem around here in Indianapolis. So let’s talk Stink Bugs!

A lot of times, when people call pest control services to let us know they’re seeing a bug around their home, they try to describe it. Generally, when people see stink bugs they’re described as small, brown, and looking like they have a shield or that they have armor.

how do you get rid of stink bugs

If you are seeing stink bugs in Indianapolis call our pest control specialists today 317-288-3315.

Stink Bugs are one of those bugs that you could potentially see all year round. In the winter, you can start seeing a lot of them inside your home when they start looking for places to hide and live during the winter. And often they’ll reemerge in the early spring and start congregating in large groups around the sides of buildings. They also like to be in large groups in general, which is why you can start seeing high numbers of these bugs in your home all at once.

How to get rid of Stink Bugs

But there are some things that you can do to prevent Stink Bugs from being in your residence. As always, we suggest taking a look around the interior and exterior of your home to find any cracks around doors, windows, siding, pipes or other openings that need to be sealed. Make sure to replace any damaged window or door screens, since rips could allow bugs to sneak in.

If you do find any Stink Bugs in your home, there are things you can do to try and get them out. Vacuuming around your home can get rid of both live and dead bugs – just be sure to discard the bag outside in order to prevent the odor from lingering inside.

Keeping your home sealed as tight as possible is the best protection you have. Unfortunately these pest or bugs are sneaky and will find ways into your home. Many times hoping on your shirt or pants for a ride through the door. These bugs go through a cycle where certain years the population will be higher than normal and other years they will almost disappear. This year has been one of the highest in stink bug populations we have seen in the pest control industry. Having your yard or home treated can keep more control of the infestation you are seeing. In most cases these bug will not fully disappear, but will be controlled.

If you’re unable to contain the infestation, licensed pest control professionals can treat for Stink Bugs to remove them from your home. If you’re seeing any of these around your home, be sure to call Perseverance Pest Control at 317-288-3315 to get on our schedule today!

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