Are there bugs in your Christmas tree?

Bringing outside plants in brings mystery to what we might be bringing in our home. Honestly there is nothing more exciting that going out to cut down a live Christmas tree and bringing it home. The amazing smell of the tree, the decorating, and the warm glow at night. But we must be honest with ourselves, what might we be bringing inside? How many bugs are now inside our home that came in on that tree?

So if you are headed out to a tree farm in Indiana what should you know or what steps can you take to protect yourself?

  • When picking out a tree to cut down take a look through the tree for a nest or piled up pine needles as well as look for small pests.
  • Ask the place where you are cutting down the tree to put the tree on a shaking machine to attempt to shake off as many pine needles or bugs as possible
  • We recommend when bringing home your fresh cut tree to leave it in your garage for 24 hours. This will change the temperature environment for the tree and any bugs it brought in. This will allow any hibernating bugs to explore off the tree before bringing the tree inside to warm up.
  • We also recommend vacuuming under your tree everyday. Many of us vacuum under our tree when enough needles fall off. Vacuuming under the tree daily catches any bugs that might have dropped off your tree and catches them before they go exploring.

For more advice on what to look for contact our office and we would be glad to advise you.


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